, Derry, New Hampshire


February 6, 2014

Letters to the editor


The cruel if somewhat fitting irony of all of this is that the people in this town, the taxpayers, the people who complain about taxes, the people who complain at meetings and the ones that sit at home yelling at the TV have no one but themselves to blame for this fiasco. They’re often quick to point out everything that’s wrong yet somehow reluctant to step forward and offer solutions.

This is not meant to disparage any of the folks who have taken the initiative to run for office. It can be a difficult and sometimes thankless job and kudos should go to anyone willing to jump into the public spotlight. And there are in fact several contested races for library trustees and trustees of trust funds.

But the fact remains that three people who have more control over what we pay for taxes than virtually any elected position at the state or federal level, will simply stroll into their positions this year without discussion, debate or more importantly, choice.

The only good news is for those in District 3, who have the only real choice in this election. With only two candidates to focus on, let’s hope they do their due diligence and choose someone who can bring some semblance of reason to the Town Council. For everyone else, there’s always next year!

Neil Wetherbee


Restaurant owner’s kindness appreciated

To the editor:

Back in October, my husband passed away at the same time my niece was wheeled out of recovery with a brain tumor. I called the Derry News and wanted to get them to do a story on Crystal Boulanger. She has a very very rare cancer that they don’t know anything about it. We have a fundraiser on We had a bake sale at the Marion Gerrish center, and are selling purple bracelets.

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