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February 6, 2014

Letters to the editor

Council does a tough job well

To the editor:

I want to share a few thoughts in response to your editorial of Jan. 16:

There is the perception that the Town Council is dysfunctional; I have seen something different. I have seen the council come together in instances that really mattered, that an elected official would not normally expect to ever see. We all came together when we learned that our town administrator had been arrested. This unfortunate incident took up several months before we had a chance to get somewhat back on track. Another matter resulted in a call on a Friday afternoon at 1:30 that had me and five other councilors at a special meeting three hours later. The meeting lasted five minutes with a unanimous vote.

As for lack of accomplishments I disagree with that, too. We level-funded the budget last year and I hope to do the same this year. That in combination with a cut in the school budget should mean lower taxes this year. We stopped the process of using taxpayer money to fund properties in the downtown. The town had paid $900,000 for properties in the Abbott Court area and was about to spend another $475,000 before the council voted no. We approved a new sign ordinance and voted to continue water and sewerage south on Route 28.

I have to agree with you concerning the search for a new administrator. I am also frustrated that very little has been done. I was hoping to start much earlier and then the subject of goals came up and it was delayed while we worked on the goals. We need to start the process now.

If you look at the votes over the year you’ll probably find that around 90 percent of the votes are 7 to 0 and 6 to 1. That is not a council that is sharply divided.

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