, Derry, New Hampshire


December 26, 2013

Letters to the editor


Caring people would object to policies that devastate middle and low-income Americans by destroying good jobs, by condemning students to failing public schools, by flooding our labor markets (often with illegal aliens) which suppresses wages, and by destroying the culture that leads most Americans to be responsible, capable, and self-sufficient.

Caring people would join conservatives and tea partiers in fighting for the time-tested policies that lead to prosperity for the American people and for our country: fiscal responsibility, private property rights, rule of law, free enterprise, capitalism, and small, constitutionally limited government.

If our politicians really wanted every American to prosper, they wouldn’t promote Obamacare and welfare to cover up failing policies, they would promote the time-tested economic policies that create a powerfully growing economy so people can earn enough money to purchase what they want and need including good health insurance.

Don Ewing


I enjoyed my time in Derry

To the editor:

I recently moved to the Upper Valley and am very happy here.

However, I want to thank all the people involved in the town of Derry for making my 17-year stay among the happiest of my life. All of these fond memories will remain with me always, from my employment at Birchwood Nursing Home, fun times at Beaver Lake, Bone-builders and Tai Chi at the Veterans Hall, as well as many other offerings for seniors at the Marion Gerrish, volunteering at Pleasant Valley, walking the rail trail, belonging to The Friends of the Library, and enjoying all the shopping, movies, and dining out around town.

I have warm memories of church breakfasts, suppers, and yard sales, fabulous performances by the Pinkerton Players and other presentations at the Stockbridge and Kapow theaters, will live long in my heart, too.

Thank you also to Derry Cable TV for giving me the opportunity to introduce my first published book, and to The Coffee Factory, my favorite place to write and enjoy “Open Mic”, and for the Creative Women’s Writers Group where I learned to polish my skills and form lasting friendships.

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