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March 6, 2014

Letters to the editor

GOP immigration stance doesn’t fly

To the editor:

Politicians should be careful what they say, lots of people are watching, recording and remembering.

You would expect this would lead to more honesty and less hypocrisy in politics. But alas, we have to add stupidity to the description of many of our elected representatives.

Politicians think what they said yesterday is forgotten today. Reversing one’s position, without good reason, means that you lied in the first instance or you’re lying in the second. Today, House Republicans find themselves in a “texts, lies and videotapes” situation when it comes to immigration policy.

Speaker Boehner is on record, a month ago, supporting immigration reform and stating it should not be a partisan issue. A week ago, he released a set of principles to guide the House bill. Thursday, he said that the House bill will not be able to move forward. He caved to the extreme right again.

Boehner doesn’t seem to realize that when he quickly reverses direction, in the middle of stride, folks notice and don’t believe he was just inventing a new dance step.

The new Republican position on immigration is simply ridiculous. This time they have a lame, inaccurate and purely speculative excuse — “We can’t trust Obama to enforce the immigration laws.”

Where do these characters get their information and do they think anyone other than the under informed, hardcore base will believe them?

The facts are: deportation of illegal aliens is 10 times higher than under Bus; border zone arrests are at an all-time high; spending on border security has increased annually, under Obama, and is at a record high. And finally, immigrant advocates are up in arms over this administration’s tough position on the enforcement of immigration laws.

The truth is Boehner and House leadership favored immigration reform and said so on videotape. Next, they were bombarded with negative text messages from the far right, who oppose immigration reform. What did Boehner do?

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