, Derry, New Hampshire


February 13, 2014

Editorial: Give a damn

When Derry property owners get their tax bills, there’s a collective groan. There’s good cause for that, given the town’s high-ranking tax rate.

This year’s tax rate is $31.49, up 3.2 percent over last year.

Most of that tax bill goes to support local schools. Voters think they’re spending too much on education, taxing some of them right out of town.

Of Derry’s total staggering tax rate, the biggest bite of the apple comes from education taxes — $17.34 local and $2.62 state.

So, when voters were invited to discuss the proposed spending plan Saturday morning and ask their elected and hired officials to explain what all those tax dollars were getting them, just over 1 percent of the town’s 20,115 registered voters showed up.

It was even sorrier in neighboring Londonderry.

Less than 1 percent of that town’s 15,944 registered voters showed up for the school’s deliberative session Friday and the town’s deliberative session the following morning.

Look at the ballots in both towns for the upcoming March elections. Most races are hardly that.

Many open positions have just one candidate, some have none at all.

Voter apathy might just be at an all-time high.

Democracy is work, but it appears few local residents are willing to devote even a few hours to do their share.

Forget our previous exhortations to get people to run for office, we’re talking about getting residents out to listen, ask questions, make changes before casting their ballots next month.

We asked Facebook readers why they attended or why they stayed home.

Most who responded gave reasoned answers. They went to hear firsthand, they went to support education, they stayed away because they had to work.

Derry resident Mark Grabowski asked the question to which we have no answer.

“What is going to change the 99 percent voter apathy?” he asked. “Another editorial from the Derry News? More meetings by the School Board with the local PTAs? Are the voters just going to wake up one day with a change of view on participating?”

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