, Derry, New Hampshire


May 2, 2013

Letters to the editor


Have our taxes gone down? We have an astronaut born here whose family members donated this building to Derry. It houses a thriving, small town library. We also have a beautiful downtown library whose original building was also donated. How can we as a community one more time choose to close the book on another piece of our history?

When all is said and done Derry has more wonderful history on a national scale than any other town in New Hampshire. An astronaut, a presidential medal winning poet, an academy steeped in history, one of the premier dairy companies in the world began here. That land is at least a golf course but the original Hood Farm is a Chinese restaurant.

Have we seen our taxes go down as we have sold off all our history? I submit that poor decision after poor decision has created our tax crisis. We have been a penny-wise and pound-foolish community. We have been a community full of absent voters; 85 showed up for the school district meeting, only 2 percent voted for town offices. In reality we the people have not shown up to make choices for our town.

Please find the money somewhere else. This is not about one library on the hill, this is about defining who we are as a community. Citizens stopped the Upper Village Hall from being destroyed, now it’s the library across the street. Anybody see a pattern here?

Gina Hutchinson


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