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October 18, 2012

Letters to the editor

Debate showed true face of administration

To the editor:

I, like many Americans, watched the vice presidential debate last week. I was disappointed that many of the questions were not really answered. I think that both Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan held their own. But I also think the smirks and faces Vice President Biden was making during the debate were unbecoming of his office.

The vice president interrupted Ryan 82 times and spoke for 11 minutes more than Ryan, yet complained he didn’t have equal time. I have to ask myself as I write this the morning after the debate: What excuse will the administration come up with for the faces and laughs? The Obama administration has taken no responsibility for anything that has gone wrong during the past four years. They continue to point fingers in every other direction except their own.

I would have to say for this reason I will give the debate to Paul Ryan. I thought he was polite and he also respected the office of the vice president at the same time he presented the real numbers to the American people and as many know he is the man who knows the numbers. I would of like to have seen some of the other issues brought up like the administration selling guns to the drug lords in Mexico, at the same time trying take away Second Amendment rights from the American people with the UN small arms treaty. One of the goals of the Obama administration is to take your guns away.

Many Americans are undecided as to how they will vote. I think they deserve better from the guy that is a heartbeat away from being president than for the vice president to act like a child with the laughs and faces — especially during the discussion on Iran getting nuclear weapons. I, like many, do not want to see another 9/11, and when terrorists have the potential to get these weapons it is not a laughing matter. One nuclear weapon in a large city will kill millions of Americans.

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