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June 27, 2012

Electric or gas: Which appliances are better?


Of course, all of this is probably not going to be very helpful if natural gas is not available in your area, which is in fact the case in a large part of the country. It's estimated that 58 percent of households use electric rather than gas appliances and that number's not likely to change very quickly, as installation of gas lines is an expensive and time-consuming process.


Grills & fireplaces

However, no matter where you live, you have a choice of gas or electric outdoor grills. You can even use charcoal, mesquite or anything else that will burn slowly at high temperatures. Keep in mind, though, that open flames contribute to air pollution and can be a fire hazard. Oh, and char-broiled meats don't do much to lower your cancer risk.

Fireplaces also offer some options. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you may want to consider converting it to propane. Even if natural gas is not available in your area, you can have propane delivered and stored in a tank outside your home.  Better yet, you can bury the tank so it's out of sight. 

Propane and other so-called bottled gases are expensive but they burn very cleanly and you won't be lugging all that dirty wood into your house, bringing termites and spiders along for the ride. Once again, proper installation is vital and having a carbon monoxide alarm is essential. 

Story provided by ConsumerAffairs.

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Online Extras: News to Note

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