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June 27, 2012

Electric or gas: Which appliances are better?


Many cooking experts also prefer gas ovens over electric, because they heat faster, and contain more specific temperature control. The main advantage of an electric oven is that most people consider them  easier to use.

Electric ovens are also easier to clean, as most newer models have completely flat services with no rack burner. It can be quite the pain  to remove tiny food particles in the oven's sunken areas.

The laundry

PhotoIn the laundry room, the dryer is the biggest appliance in the home next to the refrigerator, and many experts say the difference in cost savings between gas and electric dryers is quite minimal in the short term. Gas dryers are usually a little more expensive to buy, and any substantial savings will be seen only over the long run.

In addition, how your laundry room is set up will dictate what type of appliance to go with, just as in the kitchen. Changing the connection in either room will be very costly.

Salesmen at two major supply chains assured us that gas dryers typically dry clothes faster, as they heat up at a much quicker pace. And although gas dryers, along with gas stoves do use some electricity, it's minimal compared to  electric models.

Gas is greener

PhotoAs far as which type of appliance is best for the environment, gas ovens take the trophy in the kitchen. Gas cookers are generally considered to be more energy efficient and, unless your home is powered by wind, solar energy or some other super-green source, using natural gas will give you a smaller carbon footprint than electricity. 

Experts say that gas dryers use 30 percent less energy than electric ones, but also warn that proper ventilation should be created to avoid cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.  On the other hand, electric appliances also carry a slight risk of fire and electrocution if they're not installed and maintained properly. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector, which helps minimize the risk of being gassed, and all appliances and home wiring systems should be kept up to date. 

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Online Extras: News to Note

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