Value of wartime weeds

During World War II, Derry's local garden club was relatively new, founded in 1935. Its members jumped right in to the war effort to do their part.

As war raged on, club members gathered milkweed to send off to make insulated life jackets. As Grenier Field at the Manchester Airport was used as an air base during that time, club members delivered their wartime milkweed there.

Every vote counts...

That's what Derry resident Al Dimmock announced during last week's Town Council meeting. Dimmock attends meetings regularly and said everyone should get out and vote.

"And Mr. Milz can attest to the fact that every vote counts," Dimmock added.

David Milz earned his three-year spot on the Town Council earlier this year, beating opponent Tom Cardon by a mere one vote.

A hearty endorsement

The Derry Town Council approved the town administrator contract of John Anderson at its meeting Sept. 7. Anderson will replace the retiring Gary Stenhouse in October. When a vote was taken to approve Anderson's hire, Councilor Joel Olbricht gave a bit more than a normal "yea" or "nay."

"Can we say enthusiastically yes?" Olbricht asked.

The vote was unanimous to bring Anderson to town.

Chairman of the boards

Derry Village Elementary School principal Stephen Miller, in his role as "chairman of the boards," proudly showed off a new interactive white board in a classroom last week.

He said students are truly engaged in what this technology can offer, giving more opportunities to be involved in learning through hands-on, high-tech teaching.

"Education is not teacher driven anymore," Miller said. "Education is kid driven."

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