, Derry, New Hampshire

March 14, 2013

Officials ponder secondhand dealer changes

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — Officials here may make some changes to regulations for secondhand dealers and pawnshop operators.

Those changes could bring the town into compliance with what other communities do.

Acting Town Manager and police Chief William Hart said adding new software could help the process.

Two new online reporting systems — Business Watch International, BWI, and Leads Online — are being used in other towns in the region, Hart said, including Salem and Manchester. That could help Londonderry make the process a bit easier when tracking items that come and go out of secondhand stores.

The new software and fee changes could make police officials’ time better spent.

Detective Sean Doyle said dealers are required to copy the identification of a seller and the item being sold. Paperwork is filled out by the store owners and sent to the police department.

Secondhand dealers and pawnshop owners must hold an item for 15 days so police can determine whether it has been stolen.

“It’s extra time consuming,” Doyle said. “The input time is roughly 12 slips a day.”

New software could streamline the process, he said. The BWI system would connect the stores to the police department and transactions could be monitored electronically.

The town would own all information and would share it with the New England State Police Information Sharing Network. This system would be the best one for Londonderry, Doyle said.

Police would be able to see images of any suspicious items quickly and could put a hold on that item. BWI also could help run information on any suspected sex offenders through its daily information network.

“If they go in and pawn something and use information not consistent with what we have, (BWI) sends us notifications and lets us know they are violating sex offender rules,” Doyle said.

Making some of the paperwork go away could help the department, he said.

The discussion on the proposed changes continues at the Town Council meeting March 18.