, Derry, New Hampshire

January 17, 2013

Londonderry police may change their look

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — Police officers soon will have a new look in what they drive and maybe even in what they wear.

Police Chief Bill Hart said the department will be changing cruiser models from the traditional Crown Victoria to a more crossover utility vehicle beginning in March.

“We’ll go from a traditional white to a more black and white,” Hart said.

The Londonderry department will be the first in the area to go with a full fleet of the new Ford Explorer Interceptor models.

Along with the new vehicles will be new markings for the police department. The new Fords will sport a traditional black-and-white theme.

Police will enter into a three-year lease agreement as part of the budget which will be cost effective, Hart said, while offering safe and reliable vehicles.

Officials said the new vehicles will be more ergonomic for those driving and will operate better in bad weather.

They will also be more visible to the public.

“All in all, we believe this new vehicle will provide a better, safer and more reliable vehicle for all of us and the public at a very reasonable price,” Hart said.

Not only will officers be driving a different vehicle, their uniforms may also change.

Hart said in order to give more uniformity to the officers’ clothing, the department may consider a more structured uniform appearance.

“We are always talking about what is appropriate,” Hart said.

Hart said the uniform being considered includes a more tactical and ergonomic uniform and an easy-to-take-off vest. Other key points to the attire includes suspenders to help distribute weight more evenly.

“It’s a bit healthier,” Hart said.

He said what his officers wear makes a statement not only for the community but also for the state.

“It would be professional, yet easily identifiable as police,” he said. “And it will be a big change if we go that way.”