, Derry, New Hampshire

January 30, 2014

Voters consider town clerk/tax collector split

Warrant article asks voters to split town clerk and tax collector jobs

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — Voters will be asked to decide whether one job in town should become two different positions.

A warrant article on this year’s town ballot will ask residents whether they wish to change the elected town clerk/tax collector position to two separate jobs and elect the town clerk for a three year term.

If approved, the article would be placed on the ballot at the next annual meeting to elect a town clerk.

The tax collector would then be appointed annually. Right now, the job is combined, and the office-holder is elected by voters at the polls.

This discussion began last year when councilors were looking for ways to streamline that particular town hall office and also save taxpayers some money.

Right now, it could be a change in the way the job is done, by cutting it in half with two people doing two jobs.

If a change is to be made, Town Manager Kevin Smith said last year, it would be up to the voters to choose a town clerk. The tax collector job could be appointed by the Town Council.

Many towns do it that way already. Some others keep the job joined together.

That could save the town money.

The separation of the two positions is expected to save approximately $110,000 annually, as the town clerk would not be eligible for retirement and medical benefits.

The clerk job would also be a part-time position.

In past years, Londonderry did have split positions with two different people handling the clerk and tax collector jobs. Residents then voted several years ago to combine the position.