, Derry, New Hampshire


December 6, 2012

A generator brings new perspective to storms

A generator and perspective make all the difference


Each time we are affected by Mother Nature, I am reminded of past storms, the duration of time we went without electricity, and all the memories brought on by each one.

To see the devastation others are facing makes our loss seem that much less traumatic. We still have our home. We avoided major flooding. No damage occurred from fallen trees to our property. To put it bluntly, we were extremely lucky. So what’s a couple of days without electricity?

Still, the trench has been dug on the north side of the house, ready for the generator to be installed. So, when the next storm hits and we lose power, and we feel only a hiccup when the power supply switches from one source to the other, I will still feel the gratitude at not having to wonder how much food I’ll be throwing away, or how many days we will be without power, and will certainly remember things could be far, far worse.

Things aren’t so bad here in little old Londonderry.


Kerri Stanley is a resident of Londonderry, involved with several local organizations. Her column appears monthly in the Derry News.

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