, Derry, New Hampshire


December 6, 2012

A generator brings new perspective to storms

A generator and perspective make all the difference

It was like déjà vu. Didn’t we go through a similar crazy weather pattern exactly one year ago?

Last year, the snow flew. This year, it was wind and rain. The irony of the whole thing for us was this: We had been researching generator options for our home long before Sandy’s name was even mentioned. Regardless of our decision, nothing would be in place before she arrived, so we would be left to deal with whatever damage she left this time around, with the likelihood of having no electricity for more than a couple of days. Again.

The kids were ever hopeful that school would be canceled. We, the parents, dreaded the possibility. Was it a little premature to cancel school on Sunday, when the worst of the storm wasn’t expected to hit us until late Monday afternoon? Maybe, maybe not.

But New Hampshire was taking Sandy seriously, and it didn’t come as a surprise at all when we got word that there would be no school on Monday. In the meantime, I made the usual preparations of ensuring the candles and flashlights were ready to go, wood stacked by the door for the fireplace, and simple meals were available. The boys would have to ensure their electronic gaming devices were fully charged.

I fully expected us to lose power sometime late Monday afternoon. So, until then, I wasn’t particularly eager to sit at home waiting for that to happen.

No, I was more than willing to go to work, despite the fact that I had been told I didn’t have to. I worked in Manchester at a church, and when Manchester schools closed, Manchester Catholic schools also closed, which meant we closed.

But on Monday morning, it was like any other rainy, windy day and certainly not bad enough that I couldn’t go and get the much needed work done, since I knew Tuesday would be worse and I would be stuck at home, without power, dealing with bored kids whose electronic devices had long since died.

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