, Derry, New Hampshire

November 28, 2013

Londonderry High students pledge their locks

Londonderry High gearing up for 2014 event

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — Hannah Solomons loves to spend time with her little sister. That includes getting a very important haircut together.

The Londonderry High School senior will be sharing a haircut with her 6-year-old sister Rebecca as part of the school’s annual Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. Students pledge to cut off at least 8 inches of their hair to support cancer patients.

“It will be her first haircut,” Hannah said of her little sister.

She will bring her preschool sister to the high school for the assembly Jan. 10 because they are a family unit.

Other students are pledging to cut their hair to honor family members battling cancer or someone else they know who has the disease.

Last week, Roger Grondin of Grondins Photographers in Londonderry came to school for the annual “before” photo shoots. All those pledging to cut their hair had photos taken of their long locks.

Grondin will return to school to shoot the “after” photos as well.

The annual Beautiful Lengths assembly first began during a school pep rally, but has grown into its own “Day of Giving” celebration event. The event in January will be the eighth year.

Last year, 169 donors cut their hair.

The ponytails collected go to support Pantene and the Hair-U-Wear program to make wigs for cancer patients through the American Cancer Society.

Organizer and English teacher Steve Juster said 130 students already have signed up.

School staff members, community members and families join in.

“It’s a tradition at the school the students anticipate every year,” Juster said.

Sophomore Taylor Krause said she wants to donate her hair to help others.

“My grandmother had cancer,” she said. “I just want to give others the chance to have hair.”