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November 28, 2013

Driving school owner wants sign to remain

A-frame sign on church lawn may or may not be allowed

LONDONDERRY — A local driving instructor wants to make sure he has a sign to advertise his business.

Al Cardello has operated Complete Auto Driving School in town for eight years and has always had an A-frame sign outside the Lions Hall on Mammoth Road to advertise his business.

Classes were based at the Lions Hall for years, but now Cardello operates his school out of the nearby Presbyterian Church.

“My sign had been in front of the Lions Hall for years,” he said.

With his move over to the church at the corner of Pillsbury and Mammoth Roads, Cardello said the town’s code enforcement department has issues as to whether his sign can be displayed.

Cardello has come before Town Council before.

Last year, he said an anonymous tipster called the town to complain about his sign at the Lions Hall. Town officials asked him to remove it.

At that time, the town did not have specific sign guidelines or regulations in place.

Cardello was eventually allowed to keep his sign at the Lions location, but is once again is being asked to take it down.

Without that sign, he said, his business could fail.

“My enrollment has dropped off, some people don’t even know where my school is anymore,” Cardello said.

The town does have new rules on the books about signs. This summer, councilors approved a sign ordinance allowing A-frame, sandwich-style signs in front of businesses at plazas and malls.

Cardello said the only time he removes his sign is for plowing or bad weather.

Town Manager Kevin Smith will do research on what is allowed and will report back to Council.

“We’ll see what can be done and we’ll go from there,” Council Chairman John Farrell said.

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