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May 8, 2014

Zoning officials give OK to online gun business

Neighbors don't voice any objections

LONDONDERRY — A Litchfield man will be able to run an online gun business out of his home.

With little fanfare and no public comment for or against the plan, the Zoning Board granted a special exception to Jeff Poitras to operate a home business from his home at 42 Litchfield Road.

“There is absolutely no neighborhood reaction to this,” Zoning Board Chairman Jim Smith said, “which is unusual.”

The special exception was granted, with restrictions, including no maintenance can be done on guns at the site and no walk-up, off-the-street business can be conducted at the residence.

Poitras already has a firearms business on Rockingham Road in Windham, but told officials he is getting older and wants to get more out of that type of business dealings.

This business would be taking orders online and processing them; the distributors Poitras deals with would mostly ship the items. Poitras said he may do minimal shipping from his home.

Joseph Maynard of Benchmark Engineering presented the plan and said there would only be occasional appointments done at the Litchfield Road residence.

Maynard said Poitras would have some firearms on site, but all items would be securely locked and stored, according to all firearms regulations. Everything would be kept under lock and key.

“Any firearms stored on site will be in accordance with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or ATF, regulations,” he said.

Poitras said there would no gun work or repairs would be done at his home business.

“There is no testing, no gunsmithing, no fixing or enhancing,” he said.

There may be times when a minor part on a gun would be modified, but that is not an extensive job. That work could be something easy like adding a scope to a certain style of firearm, he said.

Any gunsmithing work or major repairs needed would go to a professional gunsmith in Salem, he said.

Poitras said having the home online business will make his life easier as he gets older.

“My wife and I are turning 65,” he said. “The store is a lot of fun, but I want to wind down and try to move away from there.”

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