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May 8, 2014

Londonderry recreation guide moves forward

Work continues on mapping town's conservation, recreation land

LONDONDERRY — Work is moving forward on a comprehensive town guide to put all of Londonderry’s conservation and recreation information in one location.

In January, the project stalled after town officials raised some concerns about how the work would be paid for and what Conservation Commission account was the proper source for the project funding.

Now, the plan is moving forward. Conservation officials approved spending up to $18,400 to fund the recreational guide, with money being taken from an open space protection fund.

The town contracted with Stu Arnett and his development company to work on the recreation guide. Arnett is also under contract to help Londonderry with economic development and planning initiatives.

Arnett began researching all the deeds on conservation lands and easements. Field observations followed to record and map data, along with property line details.

Information collected was studied to be part of the comprehensive guide that would also include trails, where hunting and other activities are allowed on town-owned properties and easements, and where town trails were located.

The cost is now about $10,000 less than the original projected price, Arnett told Conservation Commission members at a meeting last month.

Work will be distributed, with town staff taking on part of the tasks of finalizing the recreation guide and putting details into place.

“We’re also pushing some work on you,” Arnett told conservation officials, “things you would like to do and could do.”

Arnett said the final guide product could be completed by July. That timeline would afford the town time to study any projects in that conservation or open space area that might warrant being included in the capital project cycle.

The recreation guide idea came about as part of the town’s hopes of providing a more definitive stewardship and land program, while offering a one-stop spot for finding all the pertinent information someone might need to enjoy open space, conservation land and outdoor activities.

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