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July 25, 2013

Londonderry official gives updated money news

LONDONDERRY — Fourth-quarter totals are giving the town some surplus money for the general fund.

Finance director and interim town clerk/tax collector Susan Hickey gave a financial status update report to town councilors last week.

Hickey was appointed by the Town Council to be the interim clerk/tax collector following the departure of Meg Seymour last month.

In her financial report, she said there is about a $120,000 surplus that will support the general fund.

There were shortfalls in some areas and growth in others, Hickey said.

The town’s motor vehicle registrations were down by $140,000, but expenditures were also down, leveling out totals and bringing the $120,000 surplus back to the town’s general fund.

Hickey said the town is also working hard to bring unpaid taxes back onto the books.

She said officials looked at several years of properties with liens or back taxes owed the town.

Many of those situations are being worked out with owners, Hickey said.

Acting Town Manager and police Chief Bill Hart said many situations warranted extra time for things to get finalized.

“You have families, elderly, it’s not appropriate to put them out on the street,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll resolve those post haste.”

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