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July 25, 2013

Councilors OK updated sign rules

LONDONDERRY — A-frame style signs are going to be officially part of the business landscape.

A sign ordinance revision allowing A-frame, sandwich-style signs in front of businesses at plazas and malls was approved by the Town Council last week.

The revision allows businesses to place those types of signs in front of their stores in a multi-tenant space, no farther than 6 feet from the front of the business.

Town planner Cynthia May said those signs could help local businesses attract more customers with more visible advertisements right on the sidewalk.

Resident and local business owner Kathy Wagner helped spearhead the sign amendment, saying it was important to help support local businesses and this would be a simple way to do that.

“The business community really needs that,” she said. “This is a step in the right direction.”

Other provisions were put into place to make sure the signs would not impede any pedestrians or customers who may use a wheelchair.

Resident Ann Chiampa questioned the locations of this type of sign, saying some businesses may place the A-frame board too close to the building. That could impede pedestrian traffic or those needing a wheelchair.

The new revision will allow those types of signs only within a certain distance from the store or business front, so as to not interfere with any person in a wheelchair using the sidewalks.

The town has other laws in place to govern different types of signs at businesses or on private property. This revision is only for the A-frame style that will be used by businesses for special sales and promotions in front of the business.

“I wanted to keep this as simple as possible,” building inspector/code enforcement officer Richard Canuel said.

Resident Pauline Caron said she didn’t agree with the sign plan.

“You are going to clutter up the sidewalks,” she said.

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