, Derry, New Hampshire

July 18, 2013

Junkyard wars continue in Londonderry

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — Junkyard wars continue.

Every year, Ed Dudek Jr., owner of Murray’s Auto Recycling at 55 Hall Road, has to go before Town Council to have his junkyard license renewed.

Every year, it re-ignites struggles with neighbors opposing its operation and appearance.

On Monday, Dudek came before Town Council, hoping for final approval on his annual license renewal.

That decision didn’t come. The issue was continued once again until the next meeting in August.

It’s been an ongoing battle between Dudek and neighbors.

The Bedford businessman has operated Murray’s since 1997, but the junkyard has been in town since the 1950s.

Code Enforcement Officer Richard Canuel said there have been numerous court actions through the years between Murray’s and the neighborhood.

One of the outstanding issues is making sure crushed vehicles don’t top the height of the junkyard fence.

“That’s been an ongoing issue over the years,” Canuel said.

Neighbors don’t want to see any junk cars creeping above the perimeter fence. An office trailer on the site also is a point of contention for some.

A court order issued prior to Dudek taking ownership of the junkyard ordered the trailer be removed. It is still there, Canuel said.

Gerard Adams of 54 Hall Road has had issues with the junkyard for many years. That includes numerous court cases, different councilors making decisions, and a list of problems that keep creeping up every year when it’s license renewal time.

Adams and his wife, Claudet, appeared before councilors Monday and said they were still worried about Dudek’s hours of operation and the property’s appearance.

Adams said he was also worried about large trucks holding up traffic on Hall Road when they arrive to pick up vehicles or drop them off at the junkyard.

Attorney Daniel Corley represented Dudek at the meeting. He said his client is a good businessman who has already spent thousands of dollars to make sure his junkyard is clean and run well.

“I thought we were on the right path,” he said. “Mr. Dudek’s facility is better than any facility that has ever been there. He puts his money behind his word.”

Dudek said he’s always done the right thing when it comes to his business and does what the town wants and wants the issue put to bed.

“All these years all I’ve been trying to do is make it look nice,” he said.

The Adamses said they were still not happy with some of the licensing conditions.

The junkyard license issue continues at the next council meeting on Aug. 19.