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June 26, 2014

Londonderry junkyard gets license extension

Town Council grants 60-day extension

LONDONDERRY — A local junkyard has 60 more days to make sure rules are being followed prior to receiving a license for another year.

At a meeting June 16, town councilors approved giving local scrap dealer Ed Dudek Jr. a 60-day license extension to operate his business, Murray’s Auto Recycling, at 55 Hall Road.

Some issues must be addressed before the Town Council grants final license approval.

Dudek makes an annual appearance before the town when it’s time to renew his license. Every year, it also stirs up some neighbors who want the operation cleaned up.

Dudek has operated Murray’s since 1997, but the junkyard has been in town since the 1950s.

Senior Code Enforcement Officer Richard Canuel said there have been numerous court actions through the years between Murray’s and the neighborhood.

Right now, he said, there are three factors determining the status of Dudek’s license approval.

One is Dudek must make sure crushed vehicles don’t top the height of the junkyard fence. Another issue is making sure equipment isn’t parked in the front of the facility. A third point is Dudek’s hours of operation, set for 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Canuel said he has investigated complaints at the junkyard. Neighbors have complained that deliveries are sometimes made prior to regular business hours or later at night, he said.

But Canuel said Dudek seems to be following the rules.

“The overall operation, it appears to be in compliance,” Canual said. “Mr. Dudek is following the proper procedure.”

Gerard Adams of 54 Hall Road has had issues with the junkyard for many years. That includes numerous court cases, and a list of what he sees as problems that come up every year when it’s license renewal time.

He and his wife, Claudet, are still worried about Dudek’s hours of operation and the property’s appearance.

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