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June 19, 2014

Town Common talk tops committee agenda

LONDONDERRY — The list is long of things people would like to see done at the Town Common and surrounding forest.

From updated trails to more familly-friendly areas, residents have offered many opinions on the future of that area of town, a crossroads at the intersection of Pillsbury and Mammoth Roads.

Since the town’s updated master plan was approved last year, an implementation committee has met regularly to put some of the plan’s recommendations into action.

The updated master plan deals with specific principles for Londonderry, including where people want to see the town go and grow in years ahead, including zoning, infrastructure, education, green space, business, economic development, recreation and historical integrity.

Committee member Chris Davies updated the Planning Board last week on the group’s progress so far tackling this issue and other master plan ideas.

Davies said the group has met three times so far and it’s vibrant collection of different people with many ideas.

He said the committee is focusing on a key list of about five or six items, including the future of the Town Common and any potential development or improvement plans there.

The town is also undergoing a zoning audit that may have an impact on any future plans the master plan recommends, Davies said.

“That could have a significant impact on a lot of these items to make them achievable,” he said.

After residents shot down a petitioned warrant article in March dealing with the town forest future, the committee still keeps that area at the top of the list, Davies said.

There are may opinions in town about how that space could be used best.

“But there’s no plan in place as to what to do with that yet,” Davies said.

People have offered many ideas.

Resident Ann Chiampa spoke at an earlier meeting and suggested making the Town Common and forest more family-friendly, with highlighted trails and more space for outdoor activities.

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