, Derry, New Hampshire


June 12, 2014


Coasting along

A black SUV was recently seen driving around Derry sporting the license plant “CEDARPT.”

One may have wondered if this drive was a big fan of roller coasters. Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio is widely known as one of the best for riding the rails.

Safety in numbers

If Tony DeFrancesco was worried about what sort of welcome he would get at the recent Londonderry Town Council meeting with his auditorium update, he needn’t have been concerned.

As DeFrancesco prepared to tell councilors the latest details on a proposed community auditorium, he paused to introduce Nate Greenberg, school superintendent, who sat close by.

“I brought my bodyguard here with me tonight,” DeFrancesco said, pointing to Greenberg.

Help wanted

A pair of local Boy Scouts showed up at a Derry Town Council meeting recently to study civic duty and citizenship.

One Scout volunteered asked councilors whether the town would be doing mosquito control this season, a question many found impressive for such a young age.

“Does that boy get a merit badge for courage?” Councilor Al Dimmock said.

All in a day’s work

Londonderry police were called to Wiley Hill Road and Tanager Way last week to offer a helping hand.

“Removing a large turtle from the roadway,” the log read.

On second read, we’re not sure whether it was still alive.

Window dressing

The Oasis salon on Broadway had a little furry help recently.

A cat sat in the salon’s front window one day last week watching the busy traffic on Broadway while customers enjoyed some pampering inside.

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