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March 7, 2013

Londonderry voters to consider $27.5 million town budget

LONDONDERRY — Voters will be asked to spend $101,000 to add another school resource officer when they head to the polls March 12.

The new officer spending request is one of 14 articles on the town warrant this year.

Voters will decide on a proposed $27.5 million town operating budget and other articles calling for $500,000 for a road maintenance fund and $290,000 for a zoning audit.

Adding a new school officer is supported by many town officials.

School Board member Nancy Hendricks supports the article and said the money would be well spent if schools can be safer.

“I’m glad to see a school resource officer on the warrant this year,” she said. “I certainly intend to support it. They see things parents may not see and create a bond with students that is very important.”

The district has just one school resource officer now.

A citizens petition article calls for $227,000 to be spent to pave a one-mile section of the Londonderry trail system.

Town Councilor Tom Dolan previously said money could be spent better elsewhere.

“I strongly support the trail system,” he said, “but we are faced with other costs, including the school resource officer. Given the budget and the economy we are in, I am going to pick the school resource officer this time.”

Town Councilor Joe Green said he would support the citizens petition for that portion of the trail to be completed.

“I would be more than happy to pay the extra taxes,” he said.

Voters will be asked to raise and appropriate $200,000 to be placed in a maintenance trust fund to use for repairing and maintaining town facilities. The town would use $150,000 from its fund balance for this, with the remaining $50,000 to come from property taxes.

Town officials want to raise and appropriate $710,000 for an already established capital reserve fund to use for acquiring ambulances, highway trucks and fire equipment. If passed, the town would use $400,000 from its fund balance, with the remaining $310,000 to come from property taxes.

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