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October 3, 2013

Londonderry ponders clerk, collector jobs

LONDONDERRY — What is now one job might end up becoming two different positions.

That will happen if town councilors decide to split the town clerk and tax collector into separate jobs.

Right now, the job is combined, and the office-holder is elected by voters at the polls.

The discussion began earlier this year when councilors were looking for ways to streamline that particular town hall office and also save taxpayers some money.

Right now, it could be a change in the way the job is done, by cutting it in half with two people doing two jobs.

If a change is to be made, Town Manager Kevin Smith said, it would be up to the voters to choose a town clerk. The tax collector job could be appointed by the Town Council.

Many towns do it that way already. Some others keep the job joined together.

“But there is a long list of towns that have two positions already,” Smith said.

Voters could see a question on the 2014 ballot asking if they wanted to have an appointed tax collector.

The town clerk would remain an elected position.

If that was approved, no change would go into effect until the following year when voters would elect a town clerk.

Councilors would then have the task of appointing a tax collector.

That could save the town money, Smith said.

In past years, Londonderry did have split positions with two different people handling the clerk and tax collector jobs. Residents then voted to combine the position.

Longtime tax collector/town clerk Meg Seymour stepped down from the job earlier this year. Susan Hickey, also the town’s director of finance, was then named interim town clerk/tax collector.

Hickey has worked for town since 2001. Her appointment came along with other changes made to the town clerk’s office, including 15 minutes less time for the clerk’s office to be open to the public.

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