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September 19, 2013

Londonderry Planning Board give Woodmont OK

Developer promises something the town can be proud of


“There has been a lot of give and take on this,” Rugg said. “But it has a good, positive vision to it.”

Having residents be part of the long process was valuable.

“Citizens have had as much of an input as the board,” Rugg said. “I think the citizens have been a integral part of the process.”

Resident Mary Treteau has often been outspoken about Woodmont.

She led a charge earlier this summer to protect some apple trees still standing on the former Woodmont Orchards land along Pillsbury and Gilcreast roads.

The Woodmont plan will save some of those trees.

Tetreau said citizens worked hard to get their feelings out to the public about the huge impact Woodmont would have in town.

“We did it to make the town better and make Woodmont Commons better,” she said.

Ari Pollack represents Pillsbury Development and said residents had a lot to contribute.

“I think the citizens have been a integral part of the process,” he said.

Woodmont developer Michael Kettenback said the project would be good for the town.

“I am the builder of this property, and I appreciate everything this board has done and also all the people who have touched it,” he said. “We’re going to give you something this community will be proud of,” he said.

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