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January 24, 2013

Fire officials will use grant money for security

LONDONDERRY — Fire officials will use Homeland Security money to upgrade the town’s most critical security needs.

The Londonderry Fire Department will use a $44,976 grant to upgrade rescue equipment and other security measures for the town’s infrastructure.

Londonderry applied for the grant last year and got the official approval this month. The town was one of only seven New Hampshire communities to receive grant funding from a total of 40 applications.

Capt. James Roger came before the Town Council to talk about the grant money and how the fire department will put it to good use.

Roger said the money will also help save taxpayers money.

“The equipment is very costly and the budget is tight,” Roger said.

Money will be spent on four gas detection units that will help firefighters monitor potentially dangerous situations.

Roger said sometimes there are gas leaks at homes and officials may not know just how toxic the gas is.

Londonderry also has several large industrial sites where gases like ammonia could potentially be a problem during an emergency call.

Other money will be spent on a MSA SAFESITE multi-threat protection system that monitors the air in any instance of a multiple threat where radiation or other chemical warfare could be used.

The equipment could also be used during a structure fire and would send important information back to a command vehicle.

“It would transmit right back to a receive in our command center and we would see what’s in that area,” Roger said

The state-of-the-art technology is also compatible with the Southeastern New Hampshire Hazardous Materials District.

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