, Derry, New Hampshire

November 8, 2012

Dynamic concert returns to Londonderry High School

By James Niedzinski
Derry News

---- — LONDONDERRY — While the Marching Lancers put musicians on the map, the Prism concert gives students another chance to showcase their talents.

The concert features different musical styles, groups and genres.

The two-day event featured more than 100 students, according to Serge Beaulieu, concert director and assistant music director.

Now in its ninth year, the cabaret-style concert has grown a lot since its inception.

“I was really surprised by the professionalism of students this year,” Beaulieu said.

Students performed in rapid succession on three separate stages in the cafe, as lights danced around the high school cafeteria, giving the concert its name.

In addition to solo acts and bands, the concert also featured the jazz and orchestra ensembles and the choir, although the decision process was not easy.

Beaulieu said there was anywhere from 50 to 60 groups and acts auditioning to be in the concert this year.

Only 25 groups made it through the auditions.

“It was pretty competitive,” Beaulieu said. “We had a lot to choose from.”

Morgan Imparato, a junior, has been playing the violin for six years and has been participating in the Prism concert since she started at LHS.

“It’s awesome,” she said. “This is what I look forward to every year.”

This year, the orchestra ensemble is covering the Kiss song “Black Diamond” and Led Zeppelin’s “Cashmere”, Beaulieu said.

The concert has a history of doing pop and rock pieces. Last year, the orchestra performed Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

Morgan said she was inspired to sing Ingrid Michaels’ “The Way I Am” after her aunt introduced her to the singer.

Mark McCarthy plays lead guitar in the student rock band Full Circle. The group is playing original music during the concert.

He described Full Circle’s sound as “rock and roll and a little blues.”

Mark plans to become a music major in college. He said the Prism concert is always a great place to showcase his talent and hone his skills. He has been participating in the concert since his freshman year at LHS.

With one act performing one right after the other, the audience gets a better overall experience, Beaulieu said.

“This is like no other school concert,” he said.

Year after year, graduates of LHS come back to the school in order to help set up and see the new performers.

Junior Stephanie Conti said she first began performing in the show last year and now is hooked.

Stephanie is one of the archapello members in the group Rising Harmony.

“I’ve gotten really passionate about it,” she said.