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October 11, 2012

Can you hear the sound of gunfire?

A literal public hearing held at country club

LONDONDERRY — Town councilors, police officials and Londonderry Fish and Game Club members, as well as residents, gathered on the greens to hear the sound of gunshots.

Residents arrived at the Londonderry Country Club to determine if the sounds of nearby gunshots from the police firing range and the Londonderry Fish and Game Club firing range could be heard.

The owner of the Londonderry Country Club, Thomas Kimball, approached the Town Council last month about the issue, and said the sound of gunfire is affecting his business.

However, Richard Olson, president of the Londonderry Fish and Game Club, said gunfire noise could not be heard from the country club.

The fish and game club shooting range is located next to the Musquash Conservation Area

During the public meeting, police fired pistols, shotguns and assault riffles to see if they could be heard on the golf course, and if do how loud they were, according to Capt. Gerard Dussault.

Although residents were not just using their ears, Richard Tracy, vice president of the Fish and Game Club, was using a decibel reader.

“Nothing was over 50 decibels,” he said. “Some of the birds and planes were louder.”

Other club members agreed, saying gunfire from the police range was barely audible.

Although it was not scheduled specifically for the Town Council meeting, some club members were firing at their range as well, Olson said.

However, not everybody was satisfied with the police testing.

“This is not what we usually deal with,” said Londonderry Country Club owner Tom Kimball. “It is usually much louder.”

Pamela O’Brien, of 70 Alexander Road, said she has heard much louder gunfire throughout the night.

Other law enforcement agencies, such as the state police, have also used the shooting range, Chief William Hart said.

Hart added he will limit outside use of the police firing range in the future.

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