, Derry, New Hampshire


June 27, 2013

Londonderry, PSNH hash out communications


Right now, Londonderry has 17 projects on the table to be completed, LaRocca said, part of PSNH’s upcoming plans.

She said the company spent $4.3 million on its southern region, with about $1.6 million of that, or 37 percent, spent on Londonderry.

A large portion of PSNH’s underground sections of cable are in Londonderry, too, one of the first communities to require new developers to place their utilities underground.

Casper said he would gladly come in to give a “show and tell” presentation to residents, showing them where they live, what their systems do and more to relieve some of the anxiety they may have.

He said upgrades in the company’s technology are helping identify problem areas and improve customer service.

LaRocca said it’s part of PSNH’s mission to relate important information prior to system overhauls and other work being done.

“It’s important for us to communicate to people and be proactive,” she said.

Dolan reiterated his feelings that communication is key.

He suggested PSNH make sure people in a certain area be notified when work is being done.

“I think that would help them understand more when the power goes out,” he said.

LaRocca said the utility would work hard to make sure communication remained key with customers. That also includes better communication between PSNH and the town’s fire and police departments.

“With every storm, we learn and get better,” she said.

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