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April 17, 2014

Lions Hall repairs are underway

LONDONDERRY — One of the town’s prominent buildings is ready for a new floor.

Town councilors approved spending $47,487 from the town’s expendable maintenance trust fund to do a complete floor renovation at Lions Hall on Mammoth Road.

The hall has been closed since an inspection earlier this year found the main floor to be unsafe and in need of repair.

Soon after, crews went in and ripped up three layers of the floor to find out how bad things really were.

The sooner the floor is replaced the better for the Lions Club, Town Manager Kevin Smith said.

The company Commercial Solutions will do the project.

This is a busy season for Lions’ events and the longer the building is off limits, the less money and support the club will get.

“Springtime events pick up during this season,” Smith said. “We didn’t waste time when we starting ripping out the floor.”

In addition to the Lions Club, which uses the hall for its main events, other community events also are held there.

Work has already begun at the hall, Smith said. The complete floor job may be done within two weeks.

The building is one of the town’s most historic, built as the original town hall in the 1770s and then moved to its current location on Mammoth Road.

In 1972, the Lions began using the hall. It was also used by other groups. The Lions pay the town $1 for use of building.

The Lions Club uses the hall for many of its functions throughout the year, including blood drives, meetings and social events.

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