, Derry, New Hampshire

November 14, 2013

Town Council hears recreation guide details

Detailed guide would give land info for public to use

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — The town wants to help people find their way around green space and recreational land.

Town councilors heard about a proposal to create a recreational guide that would offer detailed information to the public on trails and open space and what activities are allowed in those areas.

The plan is part of an overall comprehensive stewardship effort to help detail all the land in Londonderry, where it’s located and what it offers.

“This is a detailed step toward that full plan,” Stuart Arnett said.

Arnett said the process began by researching all the deeds on conservation lands and easements. Field observations followed to record and map more data, also making sure property lines were recorded.

The information collected was analyzed to see where hunting would be allowed, where the trails are, and what activities would be allowed on various properties.

The town’s website will be a location where residents will be able to do that one-stop shopping when searching for open space things to do.

Someone wanting to take a hike in town would be able to visit the site to download maps and other information.

“We’ll have a narrative for each site with compelling reasons to go there,” Arnett said.

Conservation Commission member Mike Speltz said putting this plan into place also draws attention to the town’s easements, where they are located, their size and availability for public use.

It’s a good start to help bring attention to town-owned land, easement properties, where they are, how big they are and what the public can do there, he said.

Londonderry has about 1,200 acres currently under easement. About 43 properties are less than one acre in size and another 81 are less than 8 acres.