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March 20, 2014

Londonderry chinooks make great showing

Championship Chinook is good example of state canine


Birr is the trio’s most decorated dog in the Holleran household; Huck is the oldest at 5 and his son, Tibbs, is 2.

Huck has retired from competition, but Birr and Tibbs are still making their mark on the show circuit. Birr also took top honors at the Eukanuba National Championship and secured his invitation to Westminster last month.

Holleran said Huck knew when it was time to stop.

“He got tired of it,” she said. “The thrill was gone for him. I said, ‘Huck, one more show,’ but he just sat down.”

Birr’s entry into the show world came next and Holleran knew he was special.

“He did very well,” she said.

Holleran does all the handling and showing of her dogs during competition. She said the Chinook is a great dog and she is happy to have them recognized.

“They are good with family, they are good with people,” she said. “They are also bred to pull heavy loads.”

On family outings, Holleran and her husband take the dogs to the trails near Lake Massabesic in Auburn to let them pull a sled up and down the wooded paths.

The dogs are in their element, she said, when they have the opportunity to run and pull.

“It’s a good state dog,” she said. “It’s a true American breed with a lot of ties to the state.”

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