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January 2, 2014

Londonderry to begin refunding impact fees

LONDONDERRY — The town will begin refunding impact fees.

After town councilors gave their OK to an updated impact fee structure last month, business and finance director Susan Hickey said the refunds will begin.

Checks were to be issued by Dec. 31, Hickey said.

This comes after a Superior Court judge ruled last December that Londonderry had serious flaws in the way impact fees were handled and documented.

The ruling came after the town asked for guidance on how to refund more than $1.2 million in impact fees collected erroneously or not spent within the required six-year time frame.

An audit of the town’s impact fee records revealed many discrepancies, missing records and other errors dating back many years.

The impact fee program was suspended during that time.

Town attorney Mike Ramsdell said during the process that most changes in the fee structure were in revisions in language and clearer definitions of how the town collects its impact fees.

He said the town should keep its fee suspension in place until the updated program begins.

Farrell said the process was a difficult one, and it’s time to make sure everything is now done correctly.

“We went through a lot on this, we want to make sure we do it right,” Town Council Chairman John Farrell said.

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