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February 6, 2014

Londonderry wins Hampstead fire dispatch

The Hampstead Fire Department will have a new way answer emergency calls. The fire department reached an agreement with the Londonderry Fire Department to provide around-the-clock dispatch for the department, starting in July.

Londonderry fire Chief Darren O’Brien said Hampstead will pay $140,000 for the three-years-plus contract.

“Back in October, I got word that Hampstead was seeking to redo their dispatch contract,” O’Brien said. “We thought that could be a good fit for us.”

Hampstead selectmen approved the contract last week. O’Brien planned to present the contract to the Londonderry Town Council last night.

The Derry Fire Department previously provided the dispatch for Hampstead. The new contract will last through December 2017.

“It all came down to cost,” Hampstead fire Chief Michael Carrier said. “Including infrastructure, we probably saved about $50,000 by going to Londonderry.”

Carrier said the department opted out of its contract with Derry with two years remaining.

O’Brien said once he learned of that, he approached Carrier to offer Londonderry’s services.

“I sought out (Carrier) and had numerous discussions with him,” O’Brien said. “We’re looking for different avenues which can have financial benefits where we can provide a professional service.”

O’Brien said this will be the first agency that Londonderry will provide dispatch to other than its own. The money the contract generates will go into the town’s general operating fund.

“This is strictly revenue gaining,” O’Brien said. “There is no additional impact or cost to the department or town.”

The Londonderry Town Council was scheduled to consider the contract Monday evening, but O’Brien was ill so the discussion was delayed.

Police Chief Joseph Beaudoin said he was hoping the town’s police and fire dispatches could be done from the same town. Rockingham County Dispatch currently takes calls for Hampstead police.

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