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February 6, 2014

Woman still waits for lifesaving kidney

LONDONDERRY — She is still waiting for a perfect match.

Rosemarie Meuse is still waiting for a kidney donation that could save her life.

Meuse, 62, was at the St. Jude Parish blood drive and bone marrow typing event Jan. 31 to offer information about the Brigham and Women’s Hospital living donor program.

She also attends St. Jude’s.

She has battled a genetic polycystic kidney disease since she was young. Her late husband Philip had been tested and made the decision to donate one of his kidneys to his wife. He died suddenly last March before the preliminary testing could begin.

Now, Meuse said, it’s still a waiting game. She has been approved as a transplant patient at Brigham and Women’s in Boston.

In the past several months, she said, there have been leads on potential donors, but none were successful.

During the St. Jude event, Meuse said some people were interested in learning more about being a potential living kidney donor.

“I am hopeful,” she said.

Meuse remains on a long waiting list for a donation from a deceased donor, but that wait could be years until a kidney is available.

That’s what prompted her to begin her own campaign to find a donor.

She said this gift would save her life.

Anyone wanting information about becoming a living donor for Meuse can do so anonymously. The process would be minimally invasive for the donor — the surgery is done laparoscopically and would require only small incisions. Donors could return to normal activities within a few weeks.

A healthy person only needs one kidney to survive and a donation has no negative impact on the donor’s quality of life.

There would also be no cost to the donor, Meuse said. All expenses, including any travel, would be paid through her insurance.

Meuse hopes someone out there wants to help.

To learn more about becoming a potential kidney donor, call the Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at (617) 732-6866. All Information is confidential. Meuse can be reached directly at 216-1338.

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