, Derry, New Hampshire


February 27, 2014

Aerosmith drummer pays Londonderry a visit.

LONDONDERRY — Joey Kramer lists music and a good cup of coffee at the top of his list of life favorites.

The legendary Aerosmith drummer said spending decades on the road touring with the band gave him plenty of opportunities to find that perfect cup of coffee.

That was often difficult, so he started his own company.

Kramer paid a visit to the area Feb. 20, making stops at local markets and businesses to kick off his signature product, a whole bean, organic coffee called “Rockin’ & Roastin.’

For Kramer, it’s been a labor of love.

“It’s a very simple, short story,” Kramer said. “I’ve always loved coffee and always wanted to have my own business.”

During some Aerosmith downtime, Kramer was able to bring the right people on board to craft his product.

“I had some time, six or seven months,” Kramer said. “I figured, why not?”

He loves coffee so much he carries the product and a grinder in his suitcase so he knows he will have a great cup of coffee whenever he wants.

“He’s so passionate about his music and he’s also passionate about his coffee,” said Frank Cimler, attorney and Kramer’s representative.

It’s not just about creating his own coffee brand. Kramer has teamed up with the Ernie Boch Jr. charity “Music Drives Us” and a portion of sales support that organization.

“Ernie and I have been friends for many years,” Kramer said. “He’s a professional car guy and amateur musician. I’m a professional musician and an amateur car guy. The fit for me goes very well. It’s been a labor of love for both of us.”

Boch was happy his longtime friend is on board.

“I am honored that Joey has chosen ‘Music Drives Us’ to share in the benefits of his philanthropic efforts,” Boch said.

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