, Derry, New Hampshire


February 20, 2014

Residents speak out on state of town forest


Town Council Chairman John Farrell said the town’s legal counsel advised that the town would be liable and responsible if any injuries or other problems occurred during a volunteer cleanup.

Councilors were not unanimous in supporting this article.

Conservation Commission members also control the town’s Musquash area and other preserved properties and would prefer the forest remain untouched except for trail areas that people use.

Resident Bob Saur, also active with the Londonderry Trailways organization, said conservation officials work hard to maintain the town’s lands and keep them as natural as possible.

“If something falls, they want to leave it there,” he said. “If something grows, they want to leave it there.”

Councilor Tom Dolan said that a major cleanup could disrupt the natural habitat and animals that call the forest home.

“I’m all for cleaning trails,” Dolan said. “But if we were to go in and clean the forest, it would no longer be a town forest. It would be a town park.”

Dolan said the council’s recommendation would be to leave the forest alone as much as possible.

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