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February 13, 2014

Londonderry businesses have time to shine

LONDONDERRY — Businesses in town are getting some time in the spotlight.

That, thanks to Town Council and the town manager, is helping introduce some new and already established businesses to the public.

Since the new year began, Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith has encouraged putting businesses and their owners at the top of regular council meeting agendas.

The plan is to bring in area businesses at least once a month, Smith said.

“It gives us the opportunity to highlight and recognize the business community in town as they play a virtual role in the economic security of Londonderry’s future,” he said.

It’s a way to give the town’s businesses some exposure and to help town officials learn more about what those companies do.

David Greer of Wirebelt opened a new year agenda with an overview of his North Londonderry facility and its recent expansion.

At the council meeting Feb. 3, it was the 603 Brewery’s turn to shine.

Smith introduced the owners, who gave councilors an overview of their new beer business.

The brewery moved to Londonderry from Campton last fall.

Owner Geoff Hewes told councilors it was a great move for his business and he’s happy to be in Londonderry.

“And we like having the community come in for tastings,” he said. “You are right there with the brewing tanks.”

Council Chairman John Farrell said he was happy to know 603 was staking a claim in Londonderry.

“Having sampled your product, it’s excellent,” he said. “We hope you are successful.”

Smith said having business owners come to meetings is a way to help everyone learn something.

“It’s an ongoing effort to recognized businesses in town and give their five minutes in the spotlight,” Smith said. “Ultimately, we want to know how we can improve our processes and become more user-friendly, with the goal of keeping existing businesses in town while attracting new business to move in.”

Smith said the town gives businesses a gift of an acrylic pyramid with the Nutfield seal in the middle and an apple pin.

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