, Derry, New Hampshire


June 13, 2013


As time goes by

Faithful meeting attendee Reed Clark arrived at the June 3 Londonderry Town Council meeting only a few minutes late.

By then, much of the agenda had already been discussed in this fast-paced gathering.

Clark told officials he wished for more time.

“This is the first time I’ve been a few minutes late, and things have already been done,” he said. “Fifteen minutes and the whole thing is done? This is ridiculous.”

Vegan at the wheel?

A blue Saturn drove down Route 102 last week with this vanity license plate: “RAWSOME.”

House hunter

Londonderry police were called to Charleston Avenue Saturday night just after sunset.

The caller reported a man was walking down the road, taking pictures of houses in the neighborhood.

“Units confirm no criminal activity,” the police log reported.

But we don’t have any

Anyone who checks the Derry Police Department website to read the logs knows they haven’t been updated for a while.

On May 28, a message was posted explaining why.

“We are currently in the process of training new staff in the posting the Police Logs,” the message reads. “We ask for your patients while this transition is occurring.”

Better check with Parkland, we don’t have any.

Give me a break

We assume it was either a teacher, a judge or a lawmaker driving a gray Honda Accord on Interstate 495 south of the border recently.

Whoever it was, they like their breaks. The vanity license plate read: “RECESS.”

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