, Derry, New Hampshire


June 6, 2013


They brake for turtles

It’s a pretty common source of scanner chatter and conversation at the gas pumps or diner counter.

Turtles are on the move in the Granite State, but sometimes they need a little help.

One woman doing her daily run up Route 102 from Derry took time out of her fitness regiment and stopped to make sure a small turtle made it off the road safely.

A dog’s life

Londonderry Budget Committee members took a bit of time during the last meeting to assign people as liaisons to other town committees.

Budget Committee member Tom Dalton decided he would take on the canine challenge, accepting the post of Dog Park Study Committee liaison.

“Oh, and can I bring my dog?” he asked.

Reel humor

Commenting on the growing number of area veterans enjoying the annual Derry Rotary cookout, Derry Rotary Club president Peter March made his own observation about the night, using some shark humor to make his point.

“It’s like Roy Scheider in ‘Jaws,’” March said. “For next year, we’re going to need a bigger tent.”

Ready for a break

Playground monitor? Schoolteacher? New Hampshire legislator?

There’s really no telling what the owner of a gray Honda Accord might do for work.

The vanity N.H. license plate, spotted on Interstate 495 south of the border, made some wonder. It read, “-RECESS.”

Spaghetti Western fan?

Derry police Chief Edward Garone drew some chuckles at a recent Town Council meeting when responding to a proposal to trade just some of his department’s fleet.

He said the figure being quoted represented the trade-in value for 11 vehicles. Replacing just four might represent a completely different picture, the longtime chief said.

“That’s the total for the good, the bad and the ugly,” Garone said. “This way here, we’re just trading the ugly.”

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