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March 14, 2013

'Vow: A Memoir of Marriage' not to be taken so lightly


Plump tried to make Bill stay. She tried to work things out, being amicable while family and friends “circled the wagons”… until a terrifying emergency presented “the absolute moment when I knew my marriage was over.”

At first blush, it’s easy to tsk-tsk and shake your head the author Plump, who admits to seeing irony everywhere in the situations about which she writes. She was the first to have an affair. She’d had three, back to back. Even her hairdresser once asked her why she was so upset at Bill’s infidelity when Plump had done it first.

“Vow” tries to make sense of that question which readers will clamor to know, but it’s not easy to get an answer. This book drips with rawness and fairly screams with pain on both sides of an affair. It’s truthful, helpful in its subtle advice. And it’s squirmy because, well, who doesn’t know somebody who’s been through this?

If that’s you, then give this book a try. “Vow” may give you a touch of camaraderie mixed with a tinge of outrage, and it might help make sense.

Promise. Cross my heart.

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