, Derry, New Hampshire

February 21, 2013

Londonderry planners take streamlined approach

By Julie Huss

---- — LONDONDERRY — The town’s Planning and Economic Development Department is continuing in a new, streamlined manner following the resignation of leader Andre Garron last October.

Three remaining staff members will take on the key roles in the department and will continue the town’s planning work as part of the updated leadership plan.

The department’s reorganization includes putting current town planner Cynthia May as a top official. Planner and GIS manager John Vogl and land use and special projects assistant Jaye Trottier round out the trio of staff members continuing on with projects and economic development planning.

The new plan will help keep projects running efficiently, according to acting Town Manager Bill Hart.

“We have to do planning and economic development more efficiently,” he said, “and at a lower cost to taxypayers.”

By streamlining the process following Garron’s departure, the town will not only save money, but add more organization to the staff roles that are already in place.

Money saved by not filling Garron’s job will go to support more contracted services the town could use for its economic development goals.

Hart said the plan also maximizes the town’s resources and creates a cohesive group of three to do the job.

“This will improve efficiency, lower costs and give better service,” he said. “We could do it with the three people in the department now with the ongoing support of the remaining departments. It’s such a collaborative process.”

Since Garron left, Hart said, the remaining three staff members began to evolve to fill any gaps.

May has 28 years experience as a town planner and will take on more of a leadership role in the department, Hart said. Vogl and Trottier are also highly qualified to take on more responsibilities.

“This will streamline the process to become more efficient as a department,” May said.

Londonderry has a long list of projects in the pipeline, she said, with the Woodmont project, Interstate 93 expansion and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport continuing to need a lot of attention. But, she said, it could be done with the staff of three.

“It’s refreshing to see people thinking outside the box,” Town Councilor Joe Green said. “This (department) is a great place and has good people.”

Hart said he is excited for this opportunity to showcase the talents of May, Vogl and Trottier. He said the department would be in good hands.

“We may fall on on our face once or twice with this, but we’ll get up, learn from that mistake and do it more efficiently and better than anybody else,” Hart said. “We have the greatest diamond in the rough right here in Londonderry.”