, Derry, New Hampshire

August 1, 2013


Derry News

---- — In the pink

Londonderry resident Pauline Caron is a regular at Town Council meetings, speaking her mind about various topics on the agenda.

At a meeting July 15, Caron got up to speak about one topic, but offered additional information about her choice of colors for the day — a bright shade of hot pink.

“If you notice,” she told councilors, “my folder matches my shirt tonight. I’m color coordinated.”

Salute to the rooster

Derry Planning Board members are working on proposed updates to the town’s animal ordinance, but had a bit of fun during a recent meeting when

Chairman David Granese interspersed his own form of fowl humor.

During the discussion, when roosters were mentioned, Granese paid tribute with a special crowing sound from his phone.

Later, cows made the cut and Granese once again provided the proper barnyard sounds.

Welcome to N.H.

Londonderry police were called to Cracker Barrel at 10 p.m. Thursday for an unusual find.

“Manager reports a pocketbook was left in the dining room and it has a firearm in it,” the log reports.

Let’s hope she left a good tip, too.

Unpleasant homecoming

A resident returned home from a business trip last week to an unpleasant surprise.

A man called Londonderry police Saturday evening to report his girlfriend had moved out while he was away.

In addition to her own belongings, the caller reported his ex-girlfriend “took with her a large water bottle container of change (approximately $5,000) and about 15 bottles of wine (estimated at $500).”

That’s a lot of change.