, Derry, New Hampshire

October 4, 2012

Tree cutting sparks conservation concerns

By Julie Huss

---- — DERRY — Conservation Commission members were a bit upset to learn several trees were cut down as part of a new six-lot subdivision on Old Chester Road.

When the group reviewed the development plans earlier this summer, some say the tree removal was not noted in the proposal.

“We had some nice trees bordering the road,” ConservationCommission Chairwoman Margie Ives said.

Now the trees are gone.

Ives said she received calls from a fair number of people, wondering what happened to the trees.

Typically, when the group reviews development plans, it looks mostly for impact to wetlands on a property and can also make recommendations to the Planning Board prior to any approval.

“I just didn’t expect to see all the trees taken down,” Ives said. “It was such a shock to everybody.”

Conservation Commission member Marianne Page said the missing trees made a stark sight.

“It looks like a bomb hit it,” she said.

It will be a lesson learned as the group moves forward.

“In the future, when we review plans, we need to remember to talk about clear-cutting,” Ives said. “We will try to use this as a heads-up and as an education going forward.”

Ives said it’s important for the group to be thorough when reviewing development plans.

“We need to be sure to take our time to make sure we have everything we need to look at,” she said.

Ives said she hoped to talk to the developer to see what landscaping might be done along the road as the project moves forward.