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October 4, 2012


Lousy School Board

There was a minor outbreak of lice at Londonderry’s North School and School Board members and school employees could not help but break out the puns.

“I have a few things, just off the top of my scalp,” board member John Robinson said. “I’ve been itching to get that off my head.”

Principal Mary Coltin addressed the problem head on, outlining precautions and procedures the school is taking.

Derry schools are tweet

The Derry Cooperative School District needs you. Superintendent Laura Nelson reports the district’s Twitter account has just 17 followers, but she wants more.

“Our goal is to get above 17,” Nelson said. “Follow us and help us out.”

A big thank-you

Conservation Commission members in Derry are winding down their schedule of nature walks. A recent walk at the Shepard property brought out fans of the great outdoors, including two young nature lovers who made quite an impression.

Go Green Derry member Judy Follo brought her children, Michael and Angelina, along for the walk and Conservation Chairwoman Margie Ives wanted to say thank you.

“You are really something when you come out to help us,” Ives said during a recent meeting.

Sunny day drills

Now that school is in session, students will have to practice their fire drill safety. Derry schools host their drills and lockdown events throughout the year to keep everyone up to speed.

District business administrator Jane Simard said it’s always nice to have drills when the sun is shining.

“A lot of principals love doing them when it’s nice out,” she said at a meeting Sept. 25.

Scary situations

It’s time for the parade of scarecrows in Chester.

Homeowners will once again display their handcrafted, original scarecrows in front yards all through town to support the season and the town’s historical society.

A few scarecrows are already in place, including the Cat in the Hat on Raymond Road and a perky chef in front of Spollett’s General Store.

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