, Derry, New Hampshire

January 23, 2014


Derry News

---- — Take a bite

One driver was seen zooming around Derry on a busy Saturday morning and might be either a fan of Dark Shadows or just someone interested in the latest vampire movie.

The red SUV’s plate read “FANGS.”

Road runners

A bright orange mini Cooper also sported a license that may have either been suited to a small car’s horn sound or possibly a longtime time love of beloved Warner Bros. character the Road Runner.

The license read “BEEPBEEP.”

Better late than....

....keeping your high school graduation waiting. Class of 2014 Londonderry Adult Education graduate Kai Volkers sprinted into the LHS gym just in the nick of time to hear “Pomp and Circumstance” playing. Her fellow graduates had already lined up and were filing in to receive diplomas during the Jan. 13 ceremony.

Kai donned her white gown and cap just in time and later told the crowd, “I wasn’t late, you were all early.”

Turkey trots

Londonderry Conservation Commission member Mike Speltz organized many photos as part of a recent presentation on a potential easement purchase in town. He wanted people to know how valuable this land would be for both residential enjoyment and for protecting wildlife.

“There is a lot of wildlife on the property,” Speltz said at a meeting Jan. 15. “But I couldn’t get the turkeys to stand still long enough to take a picture.”