, Derry, New Hampshire


July 4, 2013


Call-ins welcome

For several weeks, Derry Town Councilor Phyllis Katsakiores has attended municipal meetings via conference call.

Her fellow councilors always check in to ask for her vote as she recuperates from some recent health issues.

At the meeting June 18, Town Administrator John Anderson made sure to welcome Katsakiores to the mix.

“Phyllis, it’s nice to have you participating in live time,” Anderson said.

Prophetic plate

Maybe the owners of a red minivan really knew what was in store when they chose their N.H. vanity license plate.

The van was spotted on Interstate 93, riding on a flatbed truck.

The plate read: “HPALNG.”

Don’t judge a monster

When Derry Parks and Recreation hosted a Monster Mash Dance Off last week, there were some creative costumes.

The kids — and the staff members — were more about thrills and giggles than fright. “The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds.”

Kady Bourassa, 2, sported butterfly wings. The term monster, after all, is relative.

We all need magic

A red SUV is either owned by a magician or a big fan of Arthurian legend.

The vanity plate reads: MER-LN.

Casting aspersions

Londonderry police were called to Horseshoe Lane just past 10:30 Friday night.

The caller wanted to report a man with a cast on his leg who was riding a bicycle in the area.

“He thought it was suspicious,” the log reports.

The responding officers couldn’t find the cyclist.

Thank goodness for water

Two people were charged with shoplifting from Shaw’s recently.

On their list: Lunchables, pizza, Oreos, vitamin water and DVDs.

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